Understanding the Causes of Acute Ulcer and Symptoms

Acute ulcer or medically known as acute gastritis is the emergence of inflammation rapidly in the stomach lining. When you experience it, you will feel pain in the abdomen, which is generally temporary. However, if left unchecked and continuously repeated, it might cause more severe problems. Complaints that appear suddenly and worsen quickly are called acute conditions. This is the opposite of chronic, which is a condition or disease that lasts long. Diseases that are acute, if not treated, can continue continuously in the long term, so that it becomes chronic. However, if a chronic illness does not recur for a long time, then one day it returns, this complaint can be considered acute even though the underlying disease is chronic. Causes of Acute Ulcer Acute gastritis or acute gastritis occurs because of damage to the stomach lining. Damage becomes more severe due to irritation due to stomach acid. In general, acute ulcers can be caused by several factors, including: Pylori bac
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